Top 10 Best Teethers

Check out the top ten teethers for babies to find the perfect relief for your child.  Find which ones are recommended by other parents by reading the teether reviews and ratings for each one in the top 10. When shopping for the best teether be sure to consider its function, color, and the material it is made from.

Teethers are toys, objects, or items that are made for baby's sore gums during the teething stage to help relieve the pain and pressure of emerging teeth.  Teething time can be uncomfortable, not only for babies, but parents alike.  By finding the best teether to offer your baby, you'll be turning this somewhat painful experience into a more pleasant one!
The first thing to consider is the function.  Are you looking for the sole purpose to be sore gum relief, or would you like a multi-functional item; one that can double as a toy, rattle, or book, and offers sensory stimulation?  Teethers come in many shapes and sizes.  A lot of infant toys and blankets have them built in or attached to them.  For instance, a small infant blanket may have teething plates on one or more corners or an infant book may have them on the corners of one or more pages.  That way when the time strikes, your little one's sore gum relief is nearby and ready to use!
Next consider the fabric or material it is made of.  A wide variety of teethers come in non-toxic silicone which is soft and chewy on the gums.  Some recommended teethers may even be filled with water in which you can freeze to offer cool relief on your child's gums.  Other babies prefer teethers that have a harder surface, that when bit down on, will vibrate to offer relief.  You can also get soft, plush teethers that children can chew on.  Some can even come in sterling silver to feel cool on gums and one which preserves first teeth marks and can be kept as an heirloom.  If your environmentally conscious, try an organic teether.
Another interesting type of teether is a teething crib cover can be attached to a crib rail to provide a safe place to find relief, since most children tend to find that a happy place to chew. A crib rail cover usually comes with a self adhesive strip for easy attachment and can be trimmed as needed to fit your crib.  Some crib rail covers are made of soft material that has attachments for your child's favorite teethers.  The material covers are machine washable and easy to attach and remove.
With all the teething options, it can be a sense of relief to know your child can have some relief!  Check out the top 10 teethers for your baby and find something great!  In addition to Teethers, you can take a look at the top 10 teething pain relievers
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