Top 10 Best Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling is wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket.  Swaddling promotes better sleep for infants and reduces symptoms of colic.  It resembles the mothers womb and offers closeness and security for the child.  To find a great swaddling blanket, shop our top ten list.

There are a few different types of swaddling blankets.  One kind has a foot pocket and two fabric wings that wrap around baby and are usually secured by velcro.  This type of blanket is very popular due to the ease of the art of swaddling.  The foot pocket opens easily for diaper checks and the baby can easily be changed without unswaddling.  This reduces the risk of startling the baby or disrupting the infants feeling of security.
Another type of swaddling blanket is the woombie.  This type of blanket zips up and softly compresses the baby's body and hugs it close, just like in the womb.  This blanket prevents the danger of loose blankets and face scratching.  It also prevents overheating due to overwrapping the baby.  Its ergonomic design is peanut shaped and fits the baby snugly and perfectly so baby feels safe, secure, and comfortable.
A sleep sack could also be considered a swaddling blanket.  These usually zip up, as well, but are very loose in the foot area to allow for movement and the arms are not confined.  The sleep sack fits on like a vest and has a pocket for the feet.  Most sleep sacks come sleeveless to allow for better movement and reduce the risk of overheating.  These are usually made of micro-fleece, but can be found in other materials.
The most common type of swaddling blanket is just a large, thin, sometimes stretchy, multi-purpose blanket.  They usually come in a large square so that you can wrap your baby by laying their head on one corner and wrapping each side over and across the baby's chest.  The bottom of the blanket comes up and gets tucked into the top near the shoulder.  Swaddling blankets can come in many fabrics but are usually found in super soft muslin, flannel, cotton, or wool.  With some swaddling blankets you may even find a hooded option.  This way you have everything covered!  Be careful when purchasing a hooded blanket to be sure it fits properly and avoid risk of suffocation.

Swaddling is proven to help calm baby and promote longer, deeper, sleeping patterns.  Shop our top 10 list to find a great swaddling blanket for your little one, so everyone can get a better night sleep! 
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