Top 10 Best Breast Pumps

A Breast Pump is a mechanical device a mother can use to express milk from her breasts either to stimulate milk production or for storage purposes. In our list of the  Top 10 Best Breast Pumps, you will find some great products, which have been tried and tested by Mothers who have shared their reviews and experience with you. Each breast pump review contains detailed information about the product as well as pros and cons. Good luck find the best Breast Pump for you.  Take a look at the comments and ratings to find out which breast pump is best from a Mom’s perspective. Also, take a look at the top ten Breast Pump AccessoriesBreast Shells & CreamsNursing Covers, and Nursing Pads.

MANUAL BREAST PUMPS: Manual breast pumps are fairly inexpensive and are ideal for Moms who are away from their babies briefly or need to pump occasionally. The disadvantage of manual breast pumps is that your hands may get tired after some time.
BATTERY OPERATED BREAST PUMPS: Like the manual breast-pump, this pump too is good enough for those moms who would need to pump occasionally. The suction created can be adjusted to different levels and the rhythm of the pump is controlled by the hand. Battery operated Breast Pumps have not been popular, namely because they perform similar to manual pumps but cost more.

ELECTRICAL BREAST PUMPS: These pumps are more expensive and definitely the most effective of all breast-pumps, with adjustable controls that allow a more similar experience to bread feeding. Electrical pumps are also much faster due to the more powerful motors and better suction.

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