Top 10 Best Baby Jumpers

When a baby is strong enough to partially support their own weight, a jumper (or jolly jumper) may be exactly what you and your baby need. Most babies love to jump and will only enjoy a great jumper, but will get the exercise he needs to strengthen his growing legs. 


Baby Jumpers primarily come in two types: (1) hanging baby jumpers that have a suspended seat holding the baby at the waist and (2) freestanding baby jumpers that allow the baby to touch the floor while he is comfortably seated. Our top 10 list of Jumpers is a great place to start. However, also take some time and look at real user ratings and reviews to get a better feel for which one is right for you. From user reviews you can then make the right decisions based on their pros and cons. Here are a few specific things you can also consider:


Adjustable Height: The best baby jumper would be the one offering adjustable height to adapt to your baby’s growing body. Height lock facility is also recommended to avoid any sudden fall.
Stability: The jumper should have a sturdy and wide base so that it doesn’t tip over in case your baby gets too excited while jumping. Also there should be an even arrangement of straps around the frame of a hanging type jumper.
Comfortable Seat: Is the seat well padded? Are the straps strong enough to hold the seat and baby in place? If the answer is yes, the jumper could be the best one for you.
Another option is to try a friend or neighbor’s jumper for a day or two if you can, to see whether your baby likes it.
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