Top 10 Best Baby Body Wash

The first baby bath might be a little anxious one for you as a parent. You will always want to ensure the best kind of body wash for your baby’s skin. A body wash is simply a gentle soap that cleanses your baby’s skin without making it too dry. Find out the most reliable and popular body wash from our list of top 10 after reading the reviews and ratings given by real moms and dads. You may also compare their pros and cons and then select the best baby body wash for your baby.


Keep in mind the following factors while buying the top baby body wash:
Labels and Ingredients: Carefully check the labels on the body wash to confirm that it is approved by governmental agencies. Presence of lavender and tea tree oil may be harmful for your baby’s growth.
Tearless, Gentle and Scented: Most baby bath and body wash products are tearless, however it is still best to confirm. The formula should be gentle on your baby’s skin without causing any irritation or itching. Try first testing it on a small part of your baby’s skin before using across her entire body.
Avoid Chemicals: The following list of chemicals should be avoided in a baby body wash: PEG compounds, sodium myreth sulfate, quaternium-15, chemicals ending in "xynol," "ceteareth," and "oleth", DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea.
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